Customizable page transitions

The boilerplate includes @moxy/react-page-swapper which eases out the implementation of page transitions.

A simple fade transition built with <CSSTransition> is included as an example on how you can orchestrate your custom page transitions.

The PageSwapper component also integrates with @moxy/next-router-scroll to handle scroll restoration for you.

For more details about all the possibilities @moxy/react-page-swapper gives you to customize your page transitions, check the docs.

Removing this feature

If you don't need to include custom transitions to your pages you may want to remove this feature altogether. To do so, take the following steps:

  1. Uninstall @moxy/react-page-swapper, @moxy/next-router-scroll and react-transition-group.
  2. Delete the folder www/react/page-swapper.
  3. Search globally for react-page-swapper and @moxy/next-router-scroll and remove the corresponding code across the project.
  4. Update your unit tests if necessary so that they all pass!