And everything that comes with Next.js

File-System Routing

Next.js comes with a default routing system, which will serve each file in the /pages folder with pathname corresponding to the filename. For example, /pages/some_page.js would be server at

Automatic Code Splitting

Next.js will automatically split pages and common code into separate chunks based on several metrics, improving load time performance.

Server Side Rendering

Next.js is built to render pages server side, and rehydrate them in the client whenever it's necessary.

If you're looking for more information about server-side rendering and its benefits, you can read through this article, where rehydration is also covered.

Static Exporting

Next.js guarantees that static pages also benefit from these features, as well as other things still, like dynamic imports and prefetching.

And more

Check the Next.js documentation for all the features available.