Grid system

The boilerplate comes with a standardized Grid system to help you position elements on the screen, based on CSS flex box. It has the following specs:

BreakpointColumnsGuttersWidthMax Width
xxs (≥0)416px100% - 20px * 2none
xs (≥480)416px100% - 20px * 2660px
sm (≥768)824px85%none
md (≥1024)1224px85%1024px
lg (≥1280)1232px85%none
xl (≥1440)1232px1200pxnone
xxl (≥1920)1232px1200pxnone

ℹ️ Please note that the Grid has no outside gutters.

Using the Grid

To use the grid, import Container, Row and Col components and use them like so:

import { Container, Row, Col } from '../../shared/react/grid';
const MyPage = () => (
<Col columns={ { xxs: 2, sm: 4, md: 6 } }>50%</Col>
<Col columns={ { xxs: 2, sm: 4, md: 6 } }>50%</Col>
offset={ 1 }
columns={ { xxs: 2, sm: 6, md: 10 } }>
1 column spacing on each side
export default MyPage;

Check out each of these component's prop-types to know what you are able to customize.

Debug mode

You can visualize the Grid by toggling its debug mode. Simply run __TOGGLE_GRID_DEBUG__() in the console to enable debug mode. Running it again, disables it.

Removing this feature

If your project is not using a Grid system for some reason, you'll want to remove all the unnecessary code associated with it. Be sure to follow these steps in order to clean your project properly:

  1. Remove www/shared/react/grid.
  2. Search globally for /grid and remove the corresponding code across the project.
  3. Update your unit tests if necessary so that they all pass!